RE-Mote + Node Red README

A very basic example of how to use MQTT-Demo + Mosquitto + Node Red

Install Mosquitto

  • Install and run mosquitto. Default configuration options should work.

Fire up a Re-Mote

  • Compile the MQTT demo example from ../../../cc2538dk/mqtt-demo.c following the instructions of the therein.

  • Program your RE-Mote.

  • If you are running mosquitto with -v, a few seconds later you should see the Re-Mote connect, subscribe and start publishing.

Deploy your Node Red

  • Install and run Node Red as per the instructions

  • Open mqtt-remote-demo.json from this directory with your favourite text editor, select all and copy.

  • Once you have the opened the Node Red page, click the menu icon on the top right and go to Import -> Clipboard. Paste the copied text.

  • Double click the MQTT input from Re-Mote box on the top left. Set Broker IP and port to those corresponding to your running mosquitto.

  • Hit Deploy

  • Optionally, export the flow to a file for future use


Fire up a browser and browse to http://<Node-Red's IP or hostname>/remote

Do more cool stuff

Come up with more cool flows and share!