Contiki File System (CFS) and Coffee Examples

Coffee is a very simple, relatively small and easy to use file system that you are most likely going to be very familiar with if you have done any C file access in the past. The notion is the same as on a normal PC: you open a file, read and write to it and close it. Contiki will take care of the underlying flash memory, giving you more time to focus on the real issues.

Coffee is a full implementation of the CFS API.

An extended explanation on CFS and Coffee internals and how they work can be found at the CFS and Coffee wiki pages.

Supported Hardware (tested or known to work)

  • sky

  • z1

  • wismote

  • avr-raven

  • cc2538dk

  • openmote

  • zoul

  • TI cc26x0-cc13x0

    • sensortag

    • launchpad

  • gecko

    • brd4162a

    • brd4166a

The examples are known to build for the ‘avr-raven’ platform. However, some of them currently fail at runtime due to file system overflow. Tweaking the file sizes in the examples is necessary.