A simple RPL network with UDP communication. This is a self-contained example: it includes a DAG root (udp-server.c) and DAG nodes (udp-clients.c). This example runs without a border router – this is a stand-alone RPL network.

The DAG root also acts as UDP server. The DAG nodes are UDP client. The clients send a UDP request periodically, that simply includes a counter as payload. When receiving a request, The server sends a response with the same counter back to the originator.

The .csc files show example networks in the Cooja simulator, for sky motes and for cooja motes.

For this example a “renode” make target is available, to run a 3 node emulation in the Renode framework. For further instructions on installing and using Renode please refer to the documentation.

The rpl-udp.robot is a Robot framework test for renode. To run that do:

>make TARGET=cc2538dk
>renode-test rpl-udp.robot