Documentation: SNMP

SNMP in Contiki-NG

The SNMP implementation in Contiki-NG was designed to have a small code footprint, have well defined modules and be easy to use.

  • snmp-api.{c,h} Contains the functions that are to be used by the application. These functions are not supposed to change and if they do change there has to be a very good reason.

  • snmp-ber.{c,h} Contains the basic BER encoding functions.

  • snmp-conf.h Contains the defines that can be overwritten in the project-conf.h

  • snmp-engine.{c,h} Contains the protocol engine. It is responsible for handling the incoming request and generating the correct response.

  • snmp-message.{c,h} Contains the message. It is responsible for encoding and decoding the buffer to or from the struct.

  • snmp-mib.{c,h} Contains the mib. It is responsible for all the function related to the mib structure.

  • snmp-oid.{c,h} Contains the oid. It is responsible for encoding an oid from the struct into a buffer or vice versa.

  • snmp.{c,h} Contains the contiki process and the udp handler function.


The current implementation of the SNMP engine only supports versions 1 and 2c of the protocol. The implementation only supports SNMP GET requests.


The SNMP module was implemented to be extremely easy to use without knowing the internals. The first step is to enable the module in the Makefile.

MODULES += os/net/app-layer/snmp

A very simple project that exports the sysDescrt mib can be seen below.

#include "contiki.h"
#include "snmp-api.h"

/*----------------------- SNMP Resource -------------------------------------*/
static void
sysDescr_handler(snmp_varbind_t *varbind, uint32_t *oid);

MIB_RESOURCE(sysDescr, sysDescr_handler, 1, 3, 6, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 0);

static void
sysDescr_handler(snmp_varbind_t *varbind, uint32_t *oid)
	snmp_api_set_string(varbind, oid, CONTIKI_VERSION_STRING);

/*------------------------ SNMP Server --------------------------------------*/
PROCESS(snmp_server_process, "SNMP Server");

PROCESS_THREAD(snmp_server_process, ev, data)




  • Add a define to enable or disable a certain version

  • Add more BER types

  • Add a way to enable or disable BER types to reduce code footprint

  • Add version 3

Author: @yagoor