Press release

We are releasing version XXX of Contiki-NG. This release adds XXX, and support for link-time-optimization that can reduce the binary size up to 50% on some examples.

Various parts of the user experience for developers have been improved in this release:

  • Docker image updated to Ubuntu 22.04.

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The Contiki-NG team

API changes for ports outside the main tree

Cooja API changes for plugins outside the main tree

Update from JDOM 1 to JDOM 2

JDOM was upgraded from version 1 to version 2 (#784). This requires some source code updates, but since Cooja uses such a small subset of the JDOM API, the update can be done automatically with the command:

find <directory> -name \*.java -exec perl -pi -e 's#import org.jdom.#import org.jdom2.#g' {} \;

Avoid starting the AWT thread in headless mode

Cooja will no longer start plugins that extend VisPlugin in headless mode to avoid starting the AWT thread. Plugins that should run in both GUI mode and headless mode need to be updated to keep the JInternalFrame internal. Examples for PowerTracker and other plugins can be found in the PR (#261).



  • Support for link-time-optimization in the build system (#2077)

All commits since v4.8.


  • Mobility plugin added to Cooja (#768)

All commits since v4.8.