TSCH example applications

The TSCH and 6TiSCH example applications can be found under examples/6tisch/.

They are:

  • simple-node - a RPL+TSCH node that demonstrates joining and the basic operation of TSCH and RPL networks. Should be a starting point when learning TSCH and 6TiSCH with Contiki-NG

  • timesync-demo - a demonstration of application-level time synchronization using TSCH.

  • tsch-stats - a demo of the TSCH statistics module which collects per-channel packet acknowledgment rates and background noise RSSI.

  • custom-schedule - an example that shows how to manually add cells in the TSCH schedule. Useful for those who want to beyond the default Contiki-NG Orchestra schedule.

  • channel-selection-demo - demonstration of TSCH adaptive channel selection based on background noise RSSI metric. This is a non-standard extension that can be enabled in Contiki-NG for increased reliability.

  • sixtop - a demo of the 6top distributed scheduling protocol. This does not feature the 6TiSCH Minimal Scheduling Function, just a simple custom scheduling function on top of the 6top protocol.

There are also some test applications:

  • etsi-plugtest-2017 - interoperability testing from the ETSI plug-test event in 2017.

  • 6p-packet - 6top protocol packet demo/test.