The 1st F-Interop 6TiSCH Interoperability Event


This project was used to build firmwares for the 1st F-Interop 6TiSCH Interoperability Event, which worked well in all the tests except for “secjoin”.


  • Simon Duquennoy

  • Yasuyuki Tanaka

Supported Hardwares

The following hardwares were used in the event:

  • Zolertia Remote (TARGET=zoul, BOARD=remote)

  • JN156x (TARGET=jn516)

  • CC2650 LaunchPad (TARGET=cc26x0-cc13x0, BOARD=launchpad/cc2650)


Access to your target board through serial connection. You’ll get available commands by hit help on the shell prompt.

> help
Available commands:
'> help': Shows this help
'> ip-addr': Shows all IPv6 addresses
'> ip-nbr': Shows all IPv6 neighbors
'> log module level': Sets log level (0--4) for a given module (or "all"). For module "mac", level 4 also enables per-slot logg'> ping addr': Pings the IPv6 address 'addr'
'> rpl-set-root 0/1 [prefix]': Sets node as root (on) or not (off). A /64 prefix can be optionally specified.
'> rpl-status': Shows a summary of the current RPL state
'> rpl-global-repair': Triggers a RPL global repair
'> rpl-local-repair': Triggers a RPL local repair
'> routes': Shows the route entries
'> tsch-schedule': Shows the current TSCH schedule
'> tsch-status': Shows a summary of the current TSCH state
'> reboot': Reboot the board by watchdog_reboot()
'> 6top help': Shows 6top command usage

Your board runs as a 6TiSCH node by default. Its role can be changed to DAG root by rpl-set-root 1.

You can see how it works with test-with-cooja-mote.csc.


Edit project-conf.h if necessary.

  • UIP_CONF_IPV6_CHECKS: set 0 if you want to disable checksum validation

  • SIXP_CONF_WITH_PAYLOAD_TERMINATION_IE: set 1 if you want to append Paload Termination IE in 6P frames