RE-Mote IP64 README file

This example shows how to use the Zolertia’s Orion Ethernet router, based on the Zoul and ENC28J60 modules, with active POE support.

IP64 router

The router packs a built-in webserver and optionally can run on 2.4GHz or with the Sub-1GHz radio interface. In the project-conf.h file you can alternatively enable one or another as follows:

  • RF 2.4GHz (cc2538 built-in)

#define NETSTACK_CONF_RADIO         cc2538_rf_driver
  • RF Sub-1GHz (CC1200)

#define NETSTACK_CONF_RADIO         cc1200_driver

To compile and flash run:

cd ip64-router
make TARGET=zoul BOARD=orion ip64-router.upload

As default we enable the DHCP support for autoconfiguration. Just connect to a DHCP-enabled device to obtain an IPv4 IP address and that’s it!.

HTTP client examples

There are available 2 examples ready to use using the http-socket library:

  • The client example just makes a HTTP GET request to a know page and retrieves the result.

  • The ifttt-client example sends a HTTP POST request to IFTTT whenever the user button is pressed, building an Internet button to connect to several channels and applications, such as Drive, Evernote and many others.

To configure the IFTTT demo just edit the project-conf.h file and change the name of the event and write your API key:

#define IFTTT_EVENT   "button"
#define IFTTT_KEY     "XXXXXX"

To compile and flash:

cd client
make TARGET=zoul ifttt-client.upload