6top Example Description

By default, the code will operate in the role of a regular RPL+TSCH node. Change the value of is_coordinator variable at startup to put it in TSCH coordinator mode.

6top Operation

If the mode is not in the TSCH coordinator mode:

  • The application triggers a 6P Add Request to 6dr (neighbor)

  • Following this the application triggers another 6P Add Request to 6dr

  • After an interval, the application triggers a 6P Delete Request to 6dr

For the Cooja simulation, you may use the rpl-tsch-sixtop-cooja.csc file in this folder. Once you run the simulation, “Mote output” window of Cooja simulator displays the following messages.

For a 6P Add transaction, ID:1 TSCH-sixtop: Sixtop IE received ID:1 TSCH-sixtop: Send Link Response to node 2 ID:2 TSCH-sixtop: Sixtop IE received ID:2 TSCH-sixtop: Schedule link x as RX with node 2 ID:2 TSCH-sixtop: Schedule link x as TX with node 1

Similarly for a 6P Delete transaction.