CC13xx/CC26xx Base Demo

This example demonstrates basic functionality for the various CC13xx/CC26xx boards supported by Contiki-NG.

This example is intended to work for both the older cc26x0-cc13x0 target, as well as for the newer simplelink target.

However, this example will NOT work for the sensortag board when using the simplelink target. This functionality will be added in the future.

The example demonstrates:

  • How to take sensor readings

  • How to use buttons and the reed relay (triggered by holding a magnet near S3 on the SensorTag).

  • How to send out BLE advertisements, if the chip has BLE capability. The device will periodically send out BLE beacons with the platform name as payload. Those beacons/BLE ADV packets can be captured with any BLE-capable device. Two such applications for iOS are the TI Multitool and the TI Sensortag app. They can be found in the Apple App Store. If you have a BLE-capable Mac, you can also use LightBlue for OS X.