Where to report issues, ask questions, etc.?

There are multiple ways to engage with the Contiki-NG community:


For informal, chat-like discussions use the Contiki-NG Gitter. You’ll be able to engage in live interactions, and might get your problem solved real quick! Join us in the Developers room for technical discussions as well as for more generic discussions about anything else related to Contiki-NG.

Please note: The Developers room on Gitter is for discussions specific to the Contiki-NG project. It is not the right place for discussions about the original Contiki OS, which is a separate project.

Github discussions

Gitter is very suitable for informal discussions and quick questions, but the conversations are not archived and not available through web search engines.

For more lengthy discussions and significant questions that are available for other users to view in the future, use the “Discussions” space on GitHub.

Stack Overflow

To ask longer, more detailed questions please use the Contiki-NG tag on Stack Overflow.

It may take longer to answer your question and to resolve your issues, but answers will be available for other users who may have the same question in the future.

Github issues

Please do not open Github issues for generic “How do I?” and/or other technical questions. In most cases those will get converted to Discussions by one of the project’s maintainers.

Please do open a Github issue for:

  • Reporting issues;

  • Keeping track of TODOs.

When opening an issue:

  • Check if a similar issue wasn’t already opened (and maybe resolved);

  • For bug reports, please provide enough information for the reader to be able reproduce the problem;

  • Use English language only;

  • Polish your message, use punctuation, proof-read the text, etc.;