Zolertia Zoul test examples

The following tests are valid for the following platforms:

  • RE-Mote revision A

  • RE-Mote revision B

  • Firefly

Specific RE-mote revision A examples are available at the rev-a folder.

Compile and install an example

To flash either hardware platform use the same TARGET=zoul and the following:

  • RE-Mote revision A : BOARD=remote-reva

  • RE-Mote revision B : BOARD=remote-revb

  • Zolertia Firefly : BOARD=firefly

An example on how to compile is shown next:

make TARGET=zoul BOARD=remote-revb

Or alternatively if you just type make, it will default to use the BOARD=remote-revb.

For backward compatibility with the previous remote target corresponding to the RE-Mote revision A, using BOARD=remote will default to BOARD=remote-reva.

To upload an example to your Zolertia device, just add the .upload target as:

make TARGET=zoul BOARD=remote-revb zoul-demo.upload

Optionally you can select a specific USB port to flash a given device, in Linux and assuming there is a device at the /dev/ttyUSB0:

make TARGET=zoul BOARD=remote-revb zoul-demo.upload PORT=/dev/ttyUSB0

If you ommit the PORT argument, the system will flash all Zolertia devices connected over USB.

Visualize the console output

Just type make login to open a connection to the console via USB. As above to specify a given port use the PORT=/dev/ttyUSB0 argument.

Alternatively you can save the above PORT, TARGET or BOARD as follows:

export TARGET=zoul BOARD=remote-revb PORT=/dev/ttyUSB0

This will save you to type these when running a command on the terminal

Documentation and guides

More information about the platforms, guides and specific documentation can be found at Zolertia Wiki