A RPL node. Will act as basic node by default, but can be configured at startup using the user button and following instructions from the log output. Every press of a button toggles the mode as 6ln and 6dr. After 10s with no button press, the node starts in the last setting. The modes are:

  • 6ln (default): 6lowpan node, will join a RPL network and act as router.

  • 6dr: 6lowpan DAG Root, will start its own RPL network. Note this is not a border router, i.e. it does not have a serial interface with connection to the Internet. For a border router, see ../border-router.

To indicate the hardware target for the node, add one of the following options in the command line: If rpl-border-router runs on dongle: JN516x_WITH_DONGLE=1 If rpl-border-router runs on DR1174: JN516x_WITH_DR1174=1 If building for a new platform, first execute : make clean

For more information, see ../