cooja: Cooja native motes platform

This platform is a virtual platform, used by the Cooja platform to run Contiki-NG as ‘Cooja motes’. It compiles Contiki-NG as a native process, and connects directly all hardware accesses to the Cooja simulator. Unlike emulations, simulation with Cooja motes are not perfectly time-accurate, but the timing is still good enough to run the MAC layers CSMA and TSCH.

Note that Cooja motes only work on 32-bit OSes. Our Docker image provides you with a 32-bit environment even on 64-bit hosts: doc:docker. From within a container, start cooja with cooja, or from your host, spawn Cooja inside a new container with contiker cooja.

A Cooja tutorials where one can try Cooja motes is available at: tutorial:cooja.