dongle-node is an example of a RICH node containing a JN516x microcontroller on a USB dongle. The dongle is part of the NXP JN516x Evaluation Kit (see The dongle-node connects to the network in the same way as described in examples\jn5168/rpl/

The dongle contains 2 LEDs that are available as a CoAP resource. They can be accessed via a CoAP client at the IPv6 interface of the border router (e.g. via Copper plug-in on Firefox). The following list gives an overview of the resources:

URI Description

Dongle\LED-toggle When doing a PUT/POST method on this resource (no payload needed), the LEDs will run through the following states with wrap-around: - GREEN LED on - RED LED on - All LEDs off - RED and GREEN LED alternatively on with 1 sec period time