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Driver for the TMP102 sensor. More...


file  tmp102.c
 Driver for the TMP102 temperature sensor.
file  tmp102.h
 Header file for the TMP102 Sensor Driver.


void tmp102_init (void)
 Initialiser for the TMP102 sensor driver.
uint8_t tmp102_read (uint16_t *data)
 Get a temperature reading from the TMP102 sensor.

Generic TMP102 sensor

#define TMP102_ADDR   0x48
 TMP102 slave address.
#define TMP102_TEMP   0x00
 TMP102 temperature data register.

Detailed Description

Driver for the TMP102 sensor.

The TMP102 driver returns the converted temperature value in centiCelsius with 2 digits precision, to get Celsius just divide by 100.