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nrf52832 SoC


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file  dbg.c
 Hardware specific implementation of putchar() and puts() functions.
file  rtimer-arch.c
 Implementation of the architecture dependent rtimer functions for the nRF52.
file  rtimer-arch.h
 Architecture dependent rtimer implementation header file.


unsigned int dbg_send_bytes (const unsigned char *s, unsigned int len)
 Print a stream of bytes. More...
int dbg_putchar (int c)
 Print a character to debug output. More...
static void timer_event_handler (nrf_timer_event_t event_type, void *p_context)
 Handler for timer events. More...
void rtimer_arch_init (void)
 Initialize platform rtimer. More...
void rtimer_arch_schedule (rtimer_clock_t t)
 Schedules an rtimer task to be triggered at time t. More...
rtimer_clock_t rtimer_arch_now ()
 Returns the current real-time clock time. More...


static const nrf_drv_timer_t timer = NRF_DRV_TIMER_INSTANCE(PLATFORM_TIMER_INSTANCE_ID)
 Timer instance used for rtimer.

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

◆ dbg_putchar()

int dbg_putchar ( int  c)

Print a character to debug output.

cCharacter to print
Printed character

Definition at line 59 of file dbg.c.

◆ dbg_send_bytes()

unsigned int dbg_send_bytes ( const unsigned char *  seq,
unsigned int  len 

Print a stream of bytes.

seqA pointer to the stream
lenThe number of bytes to print
The number of printed bytes

Definition at line 43 of file dbg.c.

◆ rtimer_arch_init()

void rtimer_arch_init ( void  )

Initialize platform rtimer.

We don't need to explicitly initialise anything but this routine is required by the API.

Definition at line 74 of file rtimer-arch.c.

◆ rtimer_arch_now()

rtimer_clock_t rtimer_arch_now ( )

Returns the current real-time clock time.

The current rtimer time in ticks

Definition at line 102 of file rtimer-arch.c.

◆ rtimer_arch_schedule()

void rtimer_arch_schedule ( rtimer_clock_t  t)

Schedules an rtimer task to be triggered at time t.

tThe time when the task will need executed.

t is an absolute time, in other words the task will be executed AT time t, not IN t rtimer ticks.

This function schedules a one-shot event with the nRF RTC.

Definition at line 91 of file rtimer-arch.c.

◆ timer_event_handler()

static void timer_event_handler ( nrf_timer_event_t  event_type,
void *  p_context 

Handler for timer events.

event_typetype of an event that should be handled
p_contextopaque data pointer passed from nrf_drv_timer_init()

Definition at line 57 of file rtimer-arch.c.

References rtimer_run_next().