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Driver for the CC13xx/CC26xx Watchdog Timer. More...


file  contiki-watchdog.c
 Implementation of the CC13xx/CC26xx watchdog driver.


void watchdog_init (void)
 Initialises the CC26xx WDT. More...
void watchdog_start (void)
 Starts the CC26xx WDT. More...
void watchdog_periodic (void)
 Refreshes the CC26xx WDT. More...
void watchdog_stop (void)
 Stops the WDT such that it won't timeout and cause MCU reset.
void watchdog_reboot (void)
 Manually trigger a WDT reboot. More...

Detailed Description

Driver for the CC13xx/CC26xx Watchdog Timer.

This file is not called watchdog.c because the filename is in use by TI CC26xxware/CC13xxware

Function Documentation

◆ watchdog_init()

void watchdog_init ( void  )

Initialises the CC26xx WDT.

Initialisation function for the WDT.

Simply sets the reload counter to a default value. The WDT is not started yet. To start it, watchdog_start() must be called.

Definition at line 108 of file contiki-watchdog.c.

◆ watchdog_periodic()

void watchdog_periodic ( void  )

Refreshes the CC26xx WDT.

Writes the WDT clear sequence.

Definition at line 132 of file contiki-watchdog.c.

◆ watchdog_reboot()

void watchdog_reboot ( void  )

Manually trigger a WDT reboot.

Keeps control until the WDT throws a reset signal.

Definition at line 155 of file contiki-watchdog.c.

References watchdog_start().

◆ watchdog_start()

void watchdog_start ( void  )

Starts the CC26xx WDT.

Starts the WDT in watchdog mode if enabled by user configuration, maximum interval.

Definition at line 118 of file contiki-watchdog.c.

Referenced by watchdog_reboot().