Definitions for the cc2538 flash memory. More...


file  flash.h
 Header file for the flash memory definitions.

Flash memory organization

#define FLASH_PAGE_SIZE   2048
#define FLASH_WORD_SIZE   4

Flash lock bit page and CCA location

#define FLASH_CCA_SIZE   0x0000002C
 Size in bytes.

Bootloader backdoor configuration bit fields

 Disable backdoor function.
 Enable backdoor function.
 Selected pin on pad A active high.
#define FLASH_CCA_BOOTLDR_CFG_PORT_A_PIN_M   0x07000000
 Selected pin on pad A mask.
 Selected pin on pad A shift.

Image valid definitions

#define FLASH_CCA_IMAGE_VALID   0x00000000
 Indicates valid image in flash.

Lock page / debug definitions

#define FLASH_CCA_LOCKED   0
 Page or debug locked if bit == 0.
 Lock byte containing the debug lock bit.
 Debug lock bit position in the corresponding lock byte.

Firmware location in flash memory


Detailed Description

Definitions for the cc2538 flash memory.