Data Structures
leds.h File Reference

Header file for the LED HAL. More...

#include "contiki.h"
#include "dev/gpio-hal.h"
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>

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Data Structures

struct  leds_s
 A LED logical representation. More...
#define LEDS_COLOUR_NONE   0x00
 A default LED colour for non-existing LEDs.
#define LEDS_COUNT   0
 The number of LEDs present on a device.
#define LEDS_ALL   ((1 << LEDS_COUNT) - 1)
 The OR mask representation of all device LEDs.
#define LEDS_LED1   0x00
 Convenience macro to refer to the 1st LED (LED 1)
#define LEDS_LED2   0x01
 Convenience macro to refer to the 2nd LED (LED 2)
#define LEDS_LED3   0x02
 Convenience macro to refer to the 3rd LED (LED 3)
#define LEDS_LED4   0x03
 Convenience macro to refer to the 4th LED (LED 4)
#define LEDS_LED5   0x04
 Convenience macro to refer to the 5th LED (LED 5)
#define LEDS_NUM_TO_MASK(l)   (1 << (l))
 Convert a LED number to a mask representation. More...
typedef uint8_t leds_num_t
 The LED number.
typedef uint8_t leds_mask_t
 An OR mask datatype to represents multiple LEDs.
typedef struct leds_s leds_t
 A LED logical representation. More...
void leds_init (void)
 Initialise the LED HAL. More...
void leds_single_on (leds_num_t led)
 Turn a single LED on. More...
void leds_single_off (leds_num_t led)
 Turn a single LED off. More...
void leds_single_toggle (leds_num_t led)
 Toggle a single LED. More...
void leds_on (leds_mask_t leds)
 Turn on multiple LEDs. More...
void leds_off (leds_mask_t leds)
 Turn off multiple LEDs. More...
void leds_toggle (leds_mask_t leds)
 Toggle multiple LEDs. More...
void leds_set (leds_mask_t leds)
 Set all LEDs to a specific state. More...
leds_mask_t leds_get (void)
 Get the status of LEDs. More...

Detailed Description

Header file for the LED HAL.

Definition in file leds.h.