The Tmote Sky board

The Tmote Sky platform is a wireless sensor board from Moteiv. More...

The Tmote Sky platform is a wireless sensor board from Moteiv.

It is an MSP430-based board with an 802.15.4-compatible CC2420 radio chip, a 1 megabyte external serial flash memory, and two light sensors. Contiki was ported to the Tmote Sky by Björn Grönvall as part of the RUNES project. The Tmote Sky port was integrated into the Contiki build system in March 2007.

The platform-specif source code for the Tmote Sky port can be found in the directories platform/sky and cpu/msp430 in the Contiki source tree. Code for writing to the on-chip flash ROM is in the cpu/msp430/flash.c and code for reading and writing to the external flash is the file platform/sky/dev/xmem.c. Code for reading the light sensors is in platform/sky/dev/light.c.

The serial/USB port is read from and written to with either the code in cpu/msp430/dev/uart1.c or platform/sky/slip_uart1.c, depending on weather or not the Tmote Sky is running TCP/IP or not.

There are currently two CC2420 drivers in the Contiki source code, os/dev/simple-cc2420.c (a really simple CC2420 driver) and os/dev/cc2420.c (a more feature-rich CC2420 driver).

More information about the Tmote Sky, including data sheets, can be found at Moteiv's web site: