Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 Caes_128_driverStructure of AES drivers
 CAPSR_TypeUnion type to access the Application Program Status Register (APSR)
 Caux_consumer_moduleThe data structure to be used for modules that require access to AUX
 Cble_hal_driverThe structure of a ble radio controller driver in Contiki
 Cccm_star_driverStructure of CCM* drivers
 Ccoap_keystore_psk_entry_tThe structure of a CoAP pre-shared key info
 Ccoap_keystore_tThe structure of a CoAP keystore
 Ccompower_activityAn activity record that contains power consumption information for a specific communication activity
 CCONTROL_TypeUnion type to access the Control Registers (CONTROL)
 CCoreDebug_TypeStructure type to access the Core Debug Register (CoreDebug)
 Cdisk_driverDisk driver API structure
 CDWT_TypeStructure type to access the Data Watchpoint and Trace Register (DWT)
 CetimerA timer
 Cframe802154_aux_hdr_t802.15.4 Aux security header
 Cframe802154_fcf_tThe IEEE 802.15.4 frame has a number of constant/fixed fields that can be counted to make frame construction and max payload calculations easier
 Cframe802154_scf_t802.15.4 security control bitfield
 Cframe802154_tParameters used by the frame802154_create() function
 Cgpio_hal_event_handler_sDatatype for GPIO event handlers
 Cid_macID<->MAC address mapping structure
 Cinput_packetStores data about an incoming packet
 Cip64_eth_addrThe Ethernet address
 Cip64_eth_hdrThe Ethernet header
 CIPSR_TypeUnion type to access the Interrupt Program Status Register (IPSR)
 CITM_TypeStructure type to access the Instrumentation Trace Macrocell Register (ITM)
 Cleds_sA LED logical representation
 Cmac_driverThe structure of a MAC protocol driver in Contiki
 Cmpl_statsMulticast stats extension for the MPL engine
 Cnetwork_driverThe structure of a network driver in Contiki
 CNVIC_TypeStructure type to access the Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller (NVIC)
 CpsockThe representation of a protosocket
 Cradio_driverThe structure of a device driver for a radio in Contiki
 Crf_core_primary_mode_sA data strcuture representing the radio's primary mode of operation
 CringbufStructure that holds the state of a ring buffer
 Croll_tm_statsMulticast stats extension for the ROLL TM engine
 Crouting_driverThe structure of a routing protocol driver
 Crpl_dagRPL DAG structure
 Crpl_instanceRPL instance structure
 Crpl_metric_containerLogical representation of a DAG Metric Container
 Crpl_metric_object_energyStructure for RPL energy metric
 Crpl_nbrAll information related to a RPL neighbor
 Crpl_ofAPI for RPL objective functions (OF)
 Crpl_prefixRPL prefix information
 CrtimerRepresentation of a real-time task
 CSCB_TypeStructure type to access the System Control Block (SCB)
 CSCnSCB_TypeStructure type to access the System Control and ID Register not in the SCB
 Csicslowpan_addr_contextThe header for fragments
 Csicslowpan_nh_compressorThe structure of a next header compressor
 Csimple_udp_connectionSimple UDP connection
 Csixp_pkt_code_t6P Codes integrating Command IDs and Return Codes
 Csixp_pkt_t6top IE Structure
 Csixtop_sf_t/brief Scheduling Function Driver
 Cspi_deviceSPI Device Configuration
 CstimerA timer
 CSysTick_TypeStructure type to access the System Timer (SysTick)
 CtimerA timer
 CTPI_TypeStructure type to access the Trace Port Interface Register (TPI)
 Ctrickle_timerA trickle timer
 Ctsch_asn_divisor_tFor quick modulo operation on ASN
 Ctsch_asn_tThe ASN is an absolute slot number over 5 bytes
 Ctsch_linkAn IEEE 802.15.4-2015 TSCH link (also called cell or slot)
 Ctsch_log_tStructure for a log
 Ctsch_neighborTSCH neighbor information
 Ctsch_packetTSCH packet information
 Ctsch_slotframe802.15.4e slotframe (contains links)
 Cuip_80211_addr802.11 address
 Cuip_802154_longaddr64 bit 802.15.4 address
 Cuip_802154_shortaddr16 bit 802.15.4 address
 Cuip_buf_tThe uIP packet buffer
 Cuip_connRepresentation of a uIP TCP connection
 Cuip_ds6_aaddrAnycast address
 Cuip_ds6_addrUnicast address structure
 Cuip_ds6_defrtAn entry in the default router list
 Cuip_ds6_elementGeneric type for a DS6, to use a common loop though all DS
 Cuip_ds6_maddrA multicast address
 Cuip_ds6_nbrThe default nbr_table entry (when UIP_DS6_NBR_MULTI_IPV6_ADDRS is disabled), that implements nbr cache
 Cuip_ds6_netifInterface structure (contains all the interface variables)
 Cuip_ds6_prefixA prefix list entry
 Cuip_ds6_routeAn entry in the routing table
 Cuip_ds6_route_neighbor_routeA neighbor route list entry, used on the uip_ds6_route->neighbor_routes->route_list list
 Cuip_ds6_route_neighbor_routesThe neighbor routes hold a list of routing table entries that are attached to a specific neihbor
 Cuip_eth_addr802.3 address
 Cuip_eth_hdrThe Ethernet header
 Cuip_icmp6_errorICMPv6 Error message constant part
 Cuip_ip4addr_tRepresentation of an IP address
 Cuip_mcast6_driverThe data structure used to represent a multicast engine
 Cuip_mcast6_routeAn entry in the multicast routing table
 Cuip_mcast6_statsA data structure used to maintain multicast stats
 Cuip_nd6_naA neighbor advertisement constant part
 Cuip_nd6_nsA neighbor solicitation constant part
 Cuip_nd6_opt_dnsND option RDNSS
 Cuip_nd6_opt_hdrND option header
 Cuip_nd6_opt_mtuND option MTU
 Cuip_nd6_opt_prefix_infoND option prefix information
 Cuip_nd6_raA router advertisement constant part
 Cuip_nd6_redirectA redirect message constant part
 Cuip_nd6_rsA router solicitation constant part
 Cuip_sr_nodeA node in a source routing graph, stored at the root and representing all child-parent relationship
 Cuip_statsThe structure holding the TCP/IP statistics that are gathered if UIP_STATISTICS is set to 1
 Cuip_udp_connRepresentation of a uIP UDP connection
 Cunit_testThe unit_test structure describes the results of a unit test
 CxPSR_TypeUnion type to access the Special-Purpose Program Status Registers (xPSR)